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You can buy Regrowz via this website from anywhere in the world. Simply click here to purchase one month's supply or make a 10% saving by ordering three months' supply in one go. You can also purchase Regrowz from the following shops and online retailers:

If the solution solidifies, just put the container under a warm tap or submerge in a container full of hot water until the product turns back into a liquid solution. There is no need to boil water as hot tap water should suffice.

There's more information on the product pages about how and when to apply Regrowz. For the best results, you should apply the Regrowz scalp stimulant and restoration serum last thing at night, every other night for at least three months.

We feel that the scalp stimulant is an important part of the overall Regrowz experience as it helps to open the pores and prepare your hair follicles to receive the restoration serum. Ideally, the two should be used together.

If you have just started to lose hair, you should see quicker results with Regrowz. This doesn't mean you should despair if you have had some baldness for a long time. Although the clinical trial focused on the 24 to 50 age bracket, other people who have used Regrowz in the 50-plus age group with long-term baldness have experienced excellent improvements and an overall increase in their hair coverage.

Ideally, you should continue to use Regrowz indefinitely as you should see an ongoing improvement in your hair growth and the product will help your new and existing hairs to stay where you want them – on your head!

In the first month, your hair will start to feel thicker. In the first month, although you won't see much new hair growth, the process of reviving the root follicle will have begun.The process continues into month 2, and by month 3 you will start to see new hair growing around the existing hairline. After 6 months of continuous use, you should start to see new hair growth in the bald areas. After 12 months of continuous use, you should have a fuller head of hair and be able to see the visual growth clearly. The areas of the head that have experienced baldness for the longest period of time will be most resistant to the hair growth process. However, with continued use of the Regrowz solution you should see improvements over time.

Yes, it does. A clinical trial conducted by Princeton Consumer Research - a global leader in the clinical product testing industry specialising in safety, efficacy and acceptability studies – found that 100% of subjects who used Regrowz had an increased volume of hair following three months' use. There was also an assessed 39.41% reduction in total hair loss for subjects in the Regrowz study group, with up to 44.90% individual reduction. Even the minimum individual hair loss reduction in the trial was an impressive 25% for subject 54.

Regrowz is a hair regrowth restoration serum that uses a traditional recipe of herbs, fruit, flowers and plant extracts. It has been used by many generations but remained a little-known handmade product until we experienced it for ourselves and realised that the world at large needed to know about this incredible serum.

  • Coconut Oil

  • Emblica Officinalis Fruit

  • Ayurvedic Daswani Flowers

  • Camellia sinensis leaf extract

  • Murraya Koenigii stem extract

  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice

  • Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil

  • White Onions

  • Tulsi (Tellicherry Bark) Methi Seeds and Leaves

  • Lemon (Nimbu) Small Size

  • Kyauni Panchali

  • Kusand Rote

  • Bisme Rose Flower (1 flower per litre)

  • Wada

  • Indian Almond

  • Purtumber Kusturi Pudari Ke Roots/Small Flowers

  • Vanispati (Flower)

  • Halad Gradugumo Nilambase (Roots)

  • Kashmiri (Roots) Malabal (Nuts)

  • Amber Bel (Roots & Leaves)

  • Jad Ka Patta

  • Cumin

  • Ring Berry

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My baby hairs have really grown on each side and I am confident that I can now see an improvement...

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Regrowz is truly an amazing product, my hairline has been receding for over two years..

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What is Regrowz?

A serum was created generations ago, combining 34 ingredients of herbs, fruit, flowers and plant extracts. When used, it helped prevent and reverse the effects of hair loss in both men and women. The origin is derived 3,000 years ago from ancient Ayurvedic medicine, which happens to be one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. Once we discovered this serum with exceptional uses, we realized the world needed to experience it.

We packaged it and made it easily accessible for anyone, anywhere.

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