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Tulsi The Wonders Of The Holy Basil


What is Tulsi?

Tulsi The Ocimum tenuiflorum or the holy basil, commonly known in the Indian subcontinent as Tulsi has a myriad of medicinal purposes. Closely related to religious practices, the plants are popularly grown in South Asia and are considered highly sacred in Hinduism. It is an aromatic herb with the plant growing up to 1 m tall. They can easily be grown in pots in the UK and are not frost-hardy. The Ocimum tenuiflorum is widely used as flavouring in Thai cuisines.

What are the health benefits of Tulsi?

  • Tulsi is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and has antibiotic properties.

  • It is a potent germicidal and fungicidal that can cure fevers easily.

  • Common as well as malarial infections can also be cured with Tulsi.

  • Packed with antioxidants, the holy basil can cure diabetes along with methyl eugenol and caryophyllene components.

  • Eugenol content in the Tulsi protects the heart by lowering cholesterol levels and controlling blood pressure.

  • A diuretic and detoxifier, the basil dissolves kidney stones.

  • With anti-carcinogenic properties, it can stop the progression of breast cancer.

  • The expectorant, immunomodulatory and antitussive properties heal respiratory conditions.

  • Relieves eye disorders: the juice is effective to resolve night blindness and sore eyes.

  • Stomach problems such as acidity, constipation and flatulence are cured and the stomach is less bloated with the intake of tulsi.

Tulsi’s nutritional value

  • Tulsi contributes to optiumum health maintenance and can successfully combat obesity.

  • It is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.

  • A very good source of protein with a fullness factor.

  • The Alpha Tocopherol is a source of vitamin E.

  • Contain riboflavin and niacin, both good sources of vitamin B.

  • The amino acid profiles in the holy basil, when added to other foods are complementary and yield a protein-rich diet.

How do Tulsi and Methi help in hair loss and baldness?

  • Tulsi can help reduce itchiness and sweatiness of the scalp, which are very common reasons for hair loss.

  • Applying the herb keeps the scalp free of irritation.

  • Hair growth is promoted with improved blood circulation into the scalp.

  • High levels of pollution in the cities contribute to dryness and damage to the hair. Tulsi helps restore shine, lustre and health of the hair.

  • Dandruff and dry scalp can be successfully cured with the application of tulsi paste. The roots and scalp become clean giving way to healthy follicles.


What are Methi seeds?

The Trigonella foenum-graecum or Methi in India are commonly known as fenugreek seeds. They belong to the family of Fabaceae. It is a member of the bean family and is the healthiest of Indian spices. Cultivated indigenously on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean it is a hard seed and bitter to taste. It is also grown in Egypt and Africa. Slightly toasted fenugreek seeds enhance the flavour of a dish.

What are the health benefits Methi?

  • The presence of galactomannan in fenugreek reduces the risk of heart disease.

  • It helps in reducing LDL levels.

  • Aids in digestion with its rich antioxidant and fibre contents.

  • Blood sugar levels are also controlled due to the natural soluble fibre galactomannan.

  • Acid reflux and heart burn are successfully reduced when the mucilage of fenugreek seeds coats the lining of the intestine to soothe it.

  • Chewing soaked methi seeds aids excellently in weight loss.

  • It helps prevent cancer and heart attacks.

  • Improves production of breast milk.

  • Reduces pain due to arthritis.

  • A diet of fenugreek helps obesity and weight loss.

Nutritional value and activities of Methi

  • Germinated fenugreek seeds contain antioxidants that fight the free radicals responsible for aging.

  • The compound diosgenin is an anti-inflammatory agent, has anti-bacterial properties and helps fight acne.

  • A major portion of the fenugreek seed is made up of NSP or Non-starch polysaccharides that lower blood LDL, speeds up bowel movements and increases the bulk of food.

  • It contains 4-hydroxy isoleucine that facilitates insulin secretion; sugar levels are regulated when the fibre reduces the rate of absorption of glucose in the intestine.

  • The seeds are a rich source of iron and potassium; iron helps in the production of RBCs and potassium helps in the control of heart rate.

  • Optimum health maintenance is achieved with the vitamin components in fenugreek.

Methi, baldness, hair loss and hair care

  • Fenugreek effectively strengthens hair by treating follicular problems right from the roots.

  • The hormones in the seeds help with hair growth due to the protein and nicotinic acid content that strengthens the hair shaft and prevents breakage.

  • The lecithin in the fenugreek is an emulsifier that imparts shine to the hair.

  • It acts as a curative for dandruff, dry scalp and fungal infections.

  • The seeds help in the retention of hair pigment thus delaying graying.

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