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Hayley’s Testimonial


Hayley’s Overall Experience about Regrowz

I think my hair overall has got thicker. It tends to fall over the area so much nicer and makes me feel more confident. I can definitely only notice thickening rather than additional growth.

Initially I was so put about by the smell of the Part 2 product. Just because it smells so strongly, I think that others would be put off. Initially though, honestly, I don’t expect to see much in terms of results. But I am very intrigued!

I guess I have gotten used to the smell much more! I’m not sure yet if I feel differently about results, however my hair does feel somewhat thicker. Since this is the only thing I’ve changed in my hair routine, I can only presume that the products are doing something!

It’s a very simple, and easy process! I think the fact it’s bi-nightly might throw some people off. I never used to wash my hair every other morning, but now I have to. I think that some people may fall off the routine.

I asked whether my family could tell any difference and they said no, unfortunately!

Definitely the scent of product 2! And perhaps an easier way to apply it. Maybe using a thin nozzle so you can apply directly to the areas needed? It just gets a little messy easily!

As mentioned above, I feel like my hair is a little thicker. Definitely no new hair, but it just feels a little less fine, it can hold a style a bit easier too. Not sure if that has anything to do with this!

No comments at this point.

Similar to in the first month. Initially I was put off by the scent of the product, because it’s such a strong, earthy scent. I also didn’t expect to see much in terms of results at all.

My thoughts have definitely changed. I have somewhat got used to the smell. However I have also definitely noticed some difference in my hair, and whether it’s some sort of placebo or not, I definitely feel more confident about my hair.

Again, similar to last month, it’s a really easy process, but it can be a bit of a pain having to wash my hair every other day. After receiving information that it was possible to leave it on for only an hour, it made everything much easier!

My family have commented on the scent of it a couple of times, and said it’s not pleasant.

Similar to last month, the only things I would change is the scent of the second product, and making the second product easier to apply, for instance, having a nozzle, similar to a hair dying bottle.

This past month, I have undoubtedly seen a difference. My hair feels so much thicker in the area that the product is used. It also falls much nicer around that area, and part of me thinks that perhaps there is some new hair growth because it certainly feels and often looks much better than it did.

No comments or queries as of yet

Likewise to months 1 &2. Initially I was put off by the scent of the product, because it’s such a strong, earthy scent. I also didn’t expect to see much in terms of results at all.

My initial thoughts have definitely changed. The scent is a little more bearable, and I can certainly feel improvement.

Since the product is able to stay on for just an hour now, it’s really easy. I still occasionally leave it on overnight, just in case it works better. It is still quite messy to apply product 2 though..

The only thing family and friends have ever commented on is the scent of the product.

A nozzle applicator for product 2 would be great. Also, midway through this month, I found that my product 1 started to smell really badly. Just very, very musty, damp, and gross, so I assumed that perhaps the product is going bad, so I threw it away.

My hair falls amazingly around the area now, and I do feel that my hair has thickened and grown in the area I apply the product. It just feels much fuller.

Aside from the off-smell of product 1, there’s nothing!

Likewise to previous months, I was put off by this product due to the overpowering earthy scent. I also didn’t expect to see much happen, because it just seemed a little too good to be true, perhaps.

The scent is something that you kind of get used to. Also after not noticing much change this month, unlike the previous months, I started to wonder how effective it was. However, I have seen/felt a difference from the beginning of the trial to now. It still seems too good to be true, but in a good way, because it’s just so easy and simple. It’s great.

The bi-nightly application is a complete habit now, it doesn’t interfere at all. The option to apply to product and wash off after an hour has been great for times when I’m in a bit of a squeeze!

Nobody has noted anything, other than the scent.

Like suggested in all the previous feedback forms, a better applicator for product two would be perfect! It also would be good to have the products in clear packaging, so you can see how much you have left.

This month I’ve not really noticed anything different unfortunately. My hair still looks fuller in my problematic area, and still falls really well, but there has been no hair growth that I can really tell of.

My products have gone bad pretty quickly, meaning I’ve had to throw away bottles that aren’t fully used.

Put off by the scent. Also thought it was a little too good to be true.

I think that they have changed over the entire course of the treatment. The scent was bearable, put in the last two months, the scalp stimulant just smells really bad. Quite damp and it makes me a little paranoid about mould, however I’m sure this isn’t the case as I requested a new one. I don’t know if the products are just old or something. I also noticed a big difference in my hair over the course of the first 3 or 4 months, but this month, despite keeping up with the application, my hair feels no better than last month. It’s still a little fuller in comparison to the first month, but it’s nothing amazing to me, unfortunately.

Nice and easy. I spent some time travelling up and down the country this month and it was fine to take places. But I was hugely grateful to have just the one hour process at times like these, so much more convenient.

No comments other than the scent.

A nozzle applicator and clear bottles so you can see how low you are running would be great.

As mentioned in Q2, this month has been underwhelming and I’ve noticed little to no difference or improvement from last month.

Initially I thought that this product was probably too good to be true. I didn’t have very great expectations for it making much of a difference, if any at all. The product smelled really gross too. It was totally off putting.

Yeah, I think that my thoughts of the product have changed. Whilst I didn’t end up with the best results, I certainly saw some progress throughout my time using it. The smell got a little more bearable, but it’s still not nice.

The bi-nightly process was fine, it took a little getting used to perhaps, but once you start the routine, it becomes just that – a routine. There were a few occasions if I was busy, or away with friends or work, that it became a bit of a chore and I wished that it was just a few times a week that it needed to be done, but once you could apply it for an hour at a time, that helped a lot.

No one had any opinion or thoughts beside the smell. No one else could really tell a difference.

Definitely the scent. Also I think that product number 2 should have a nozzle head to make application easier. The first product should also be in clear packaging so you can see how much you have left. My product number 1 started to smell very damp and disgusting after a short while of use and I found when I requested a new one, this smelt of it too.

Yes, I think my hair overall has got thicker. It tends to fall over the area so much nicer and makes me feel more confident. I can definitely only notice thickening rather than additional growth.

No, I don’t think that I would. For me, personally, that’s expensive for something that I’m not wow-ed by the results with. However, I can see that if it really worked for some people then it would be a great investment.

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