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Jade’s Testimonial


Jade’s Overall Experience about Regrowz

Confidence is certainly something I’ve gained from using Regrowz, I found sleeping in the product tricky at first but using the product for an hour has really made this experience perfect for me.

When the products arrived, I loved the size of the packaging (I’m not sure whether this will be the final product size) and I thought it was really easy to fit into my bag especially if I am staying at a different location. The smell of both products smelt very natural and not too strong or overpowering, although an added scent (such as a floral scent) would be nice, I like that the product sticks to being a natural product.

After using the products for a month, I am really impressed with how easy it is to include in my routine. I do have to roll the regrowz scalp stimulan product on a few times to make sure the product comes out but my hair does feel softer and shinier after use – just from one month! I have stopped use my straighteners during the week days and because of this my hair was feeling quite frizzy without the use of heat but the roll on product has really left my hair feeling soft on the sides. For the tube, I have found it quite hard to squeeze the product and I find that the product does solidify so I have to warm it up prior to use but after I have done this I find that the formula is really easy to massage into my scalp. It is not irritating sleeping with the product in but I do put a small flannel on my pillow to make sure it doesn’t stain.

I do wish I didn’t have to warm the product up everytime but other than this, I think the product is really easy to use.

My mum has really noticed a difference in the side areas of my hair, they look less dry.

I think a fruity or floral scent could be added and maybe the product could include a head piece to protect the pillow.

The sides of my hair have always been my problem area but I am noticing a slightly improvement with the quality and condition of my hair.

Dubious and didn’t like the smell.

I have got used to the smell, my husband not so much. Application is harder than I thought it would be with the roll on, I feel like not a lot of product comes out.

Time consuming, I usually try to avoid washing my hair this frequently as it makes my hair dry and brittle. Also it would be better if we didn’t have to wait between applying products and then again to wash.

People aren’t really aware I am doing the trial but I have had a few comments about my hair looking thicker.

Application time and smell.

I think I have seen more new hairs come through in the last month or so.

SI don’t know if i am over applying, but I am running out of product.

For my third month of using the products, I have really liked the 1 hour application rather than sleeping in it. I can still run around the house and do tasks rather than sleeping on my pillow with the product in and then having to wake up before work to washing it out and dry my hair. I have noticed that the product feels better when my hair is freshly cut, it feels a lot softer after I have a trim and overall it makes a great boost for my hair once I have cut away any split ends. The product definitely works better with a fresher hair trim!

I am due for a hair cut this week so I don’t think my hair looks as healthy compared to month 2 – the products still make my hair feel soft but I think the results will improve when I have a haircut.

I’ve got used to the routine of putting the product in hot water before squeezing the product from the tube. I know it’s hard to keep the product soft when it is in a tubed applicator.

My hair sides feel incredibly soft and much stronger and they don’t seem to get greasy as much! Despite needing a trim, my hair feels much thicker compared to the condition BEFORE I started this trial.

I’m not sure how big the final product packaging will be, but I think the product amount could be bigger.

I actually ran out of the original product that was sent to me so a new box of blue products arrived. I really like the classic look.

I’m not sure whether I’ve changed where I’ve been keeping the products but I don’t really need to warm the tube up anymore. The product comes out of the tube easily and is much easier to use rather than having to warm up the product with hot water.

I’ve actually been mixing the product application, some nights I will leave it on for an hour and other nights I will sleep with it on. It does slightly mark my pillow but it easily washes out. As I’ve said previously, it would be nice to have a head scarf included with the products.

My family have really noticed a difference and so have I. They have all noticed that my hair looks shiny and less weak/thin around my ear area.

The scent could be fruity or floral scented and it would be nice to know how to store the product to get a thicker formula. I think instead of a plastic tube, the product container could be a tub where you could use a spoon to directly apply the product to your problem areas.

I used to feel really self-conscious wearing my hair in a ponytail and although my hair is not dramatically thicker, the thinning patches are much less noticeable.

I was really self-conscious of the thinning patches on each side of my head before I began the treatments, it was very thin so I was curious to see how the hair would react to the product as time went on. Five months later and I can’t imagine not having the products in my beauty/hair regime. It was slightly tricky to find the time to use the product because you need to wash your hair afterwards, but I love the process now.

As I have said in the past, the process is a lot easier when you can leave it on for an hour but at the weekend, I do like to sleep in the product for a more intense treatment. I really love that you can have that option.

Everyone has commented that my hair appears shinier. I still need to trim my hair at the moment but the top section feels softer and healthier.

I wish the formula was scented and I wish the bottles were slightly larger and easier to hold.

I have really, really noticed that the sides of my hair are less weak and my hair does not fall out as much when brushing.

Using Regrowz for the past 6 months has been quite a journey, at first glance the packaging seemed simple and I didn’t really think I could easily use the product as part of my regular routine. At 25 years old, you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about putting your hair up in a bun or ponytail, having to use brown eyeshadow over my scalp should not be the only option. I was really excited to try Regrowz and to see what results I would see.

Confidence is certainly something I’ve gained from using Regrowz, I found sleeping in the product tricky at first but using the product for an hour has really made this experience perfect for me.

It has been tricky trying to keep my white pillows clean but I’ve been using an old pillow case that I can wash in the washing machine. The sides of my hair do feel more stable and I was even able to clip hair extensions to the sides of my hair on holiday, without causing any damage.

My mum has really noticed a difference with my hair, she said the condition has dramatically improved when my hair is in a ponytail.

Hopefully the product packaging will look more glam but personally, the product results are more important to me. Giving people confidence is worth more.

I have been able to wear clip in extensions without my side hair breaking and my hair feels soft yet strong.

The natural element of the product is a really good factor for me, I love that I’m not using any dangerous chemicals and the results really do stand out.

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