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Observational Feedback


Observational Feedback

I was sceptical on the product working, once I opened the second bottle I was surprised by the smell, it’s not very nice.

Once in the habit of every other day it’s quite quick and easy.

Easy and no too time consuming, roll on the first product, relax a while and then massage in a small amount of the second product.

My girlfriend took a while to get used to the smell, but she pleased with the results.

Just the smell of the second product and sometimes the roll ball on the first product slips and doesn’t roll the product on.

Yes, especially at the sides where my hair has always been quite thin, it’s definitely thicker an fuller.

No, it’s been an interesting trial to take part in.


Yes. Saw impressive hair growth in first few weeks.

A bit tedious but not a huge hassle

My girlfriend noticed my hair growth with approval.

Wish I didn’t have to wait 30 minutes between first and second applications and could do both at once.


Growth in first three months was impressive and noticeable. This wasn’t as much the case in the second three months.

Unsure of whether it would work, and slightly put off by the colour and smell of the product.

Yes, I am now used to the sight and smell of it.

The application process is easy to do, and equally easy to slot intp a bedtime routine

Nothing over and above their support for using it.

The smell and look of the product – It’s very off-putting!

My hair appears to be thicker for using the product, yes.

How can a product make your hair re-grow, it has to be a fad.

Yes, I think after the first 3 months I then started to see change, i still don’t understand how it actually does it but I have definitely seen re growth.

It is easy to do, however the smell is not very nice. if you don’t cover your head then you have to wash your bedding every couple of days. I put a towel on my pillow to help.

My wife hates the smell but agrees it has worked, I have also had a few comments on my hair from family asking if I have done something to my hair as they notice it more than me.

I think the instructions are easy to follow, I just think it would be good it if came with something to cover your head. Also at first I struggled to figure out how much I had to use, probably putting too much on at night.

100% thickness, and I think quite a bit at the back of my head re growth, however not so much on the front of my hair line, but I am still happy with this as my hair is thicker now so it covers it up.

No, I am happy with the product and what it has done for me, I would recommend to anyone to try it.


Yes they have, it worked quite well and I was very impressed.

A little long winded at first but once you get used to it, it was easy.

Yes family members noticed a difference even though I didn't tell them I was using it.

The smell of the second product is a bit strong.

Yes I have.

It is a very good product, most impressed with the outcome.

Initial thoughts were I was sceptical.

Yes I am confident that the product is helping and am reassured by the fact that there are no nasty chemicals in it which might have side effects!

The application process is a pain and very messy and smelly but this is a small price to pay if it works in my opinion.

My wife has decided that the product is working after 6 months and thinks I should continue. My friends remain sceptical.

The odour and the application process could be improved.

Yes! Hair is definitely thickening and hair line at the front had improved. Finally beginning to see some improvement on the crown after 6 months.

No but I would like to see what happens after 1 year’s use!

I was a bit sceptical that it would work to be honest and just hoping that it would.

I am use to the process now, just sometimes it’s remembering the timings between each application, but I have set an alarm now to aid with this.

My wife is the only person that knows that I am trailing the Regrowz product. She wasn’t very keen on the smell.

The rollerball could be made a bit better. Sometimes it would stick and would take a while to apply the product to the bald area of my head.

To be honest, I haven’t noticed anything as of yet. I have been looking at my headshots to see if I can notice any difference, but it’s hard to tell.

Maybe think of an easier way to apply the first product as the rollerball was a bit unreliable sometimes.

The smell is very over powering at first. I originally thought the application would be quite tricky but soon got the hang of it.

I didn't notice much change at the beginning but most definitely towards the end my hair is thicker. The smell has grown on me but not so much on my family members.

Super easy application no bother at all, you do need help applying to ensure the product is everywhere but other than that, a breeze.

My girlfriend has noticed that my hair is thicker.

The smell is strong I personally can tolerate it but many others cannot.

Yes, not a massive amount but mostly definitely thicker hair and a few additional hair growths.

I would happily continue to use the product to see further results.

Sceptical, but optimistic.

Not really, I still remain sceptical as I haven’t seen any significant results.

Easy once you’re used to it, but you’ve got to be committed.

The smell – as mentioned before, it smells like curry and that can be off-putting.

Nothing significant, but perhaps a little thickening.

Not sure as always seen for similar products but never thought they actually work.

Yes, It seems to work. Albeit very slowly.

The process is easy although the products aroma is a bit unsociable and hard to get rid of the next day.

They are happy with the use but not the aroma!

The aroma would be nice if it was a one bottle product rather than the two seperate.

Yes, Very slight but my wife says it is there!


It sounded like a great idea. No chemicals, little investment of my time and what do I have to lose?

The first batch of product I really noticed the smell of the serum. However this has improved with the second batch sent over. The first batch applicator was hard on my scalp, but the second batch is much smoother. Overall it’s easy and nice to use. At the end of the 3 months I noticed a little bit of change, but now this is much more noticeable.

The process is simple and easy to follow. I had issues remembering to apply every other night in the first week, so added a reminder for the part 1 and part 2 application so I created a reminder on my smartphone and this solved that issue.

My wife and friends were initially sceptical, but have been supported since I started. They have noticed some of the slight changes.

You have dealt with the smell and applicator issues, so no I think the product is there for a natural hair regrowth product.

At the end of the 3 months I noticed a little bit of change, but now this is much more noticeable.

Thank you for letting me trial this. When will the product be commercially available?

I was sceptical about any hair regrowth product.

Yes, I didn’t these products worked as very surprised. Over the past few months I have seen my hair thicken and coverage of the hair increase.

Lengthy process – apply stage 1. Wait 30 minutes… apply stage 2. But the application is easy to apply with simple instructions.

My partner wasn’t too keen on the smell of the product.

Roller applicator – can be difficult to roll on. Sometimes had to roll the ball with my fingers.

Yes – hair was left thicker and grow longer.

Great product – would definitely recommend.

Excited to see if it worked.


A little lengthy. You need to put aside an hour routine for the application so it can be difficult.

They have seen no change in my hair. My other half is not keen on the smell of the product at all.


No, not that I have noticed. Perhaps a little thicker but no more hair growth. As far as I am aware though I have not seen a decrease in hair since the start of the trial.


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